Strong Families

Strong Communities

We provide detailed programs and workshops that are designed to help people achieve the best possible version of themselves.

Our Vision

To help individuals and families identify past hurts, traumas, negative influences, and poor decision making. Then giving them the tools and resources to overcome past issues. Thus producing stronger individuals and families.

We organize our work around these key areas:







resume tips


Our Mission

We are an organization that has been formed for one mission, to build a stronger community by building stronger families. We feel this mission can only be accomplished focusing in multiple areas that impact the well being of the family structure. We strongly believe that a community is only as vibrant and strong as the families that make it up.

We Are

A non profit organization that is dedicated to helping any and all individuals overcome all areas of their life that have a negative impact on their well being, happiness and success.

We Do What We Do

Statistics show that both families and individuals from youth to adult are suffering in all areas. including suicide, mental and physical abuse, self esteem and depression.


We Do

Provide detailed and in depth workshops and programs that are specifically designed to overcome obstacles and roadblocks that hinder individuals and families from living a full, happy and purpose filled life.

Events and Workshops

Talk about physical bullying and cyberbullying causes and negative effects they have self esteem. We help people get to a place where they can talk about, deal with and overcome these issues.
The statistics show that bullying is one of the leading causes of suicide among young people. Depression is a contributing factor of suicide among young people and adults. We help identify and get to a place to where they can talk about their anxiety depression. We then help navigate them to a place where they have high self-esteem.
We help young people learn about personal space, not only theirs but respecting others. The importance of etiquette, courtesy.
We help parents communicate better with their kids. How to be more transparent and produce an atmosphere that kids feel like they not only can talk. But most importantly that the parents are listening.
We teach about the importance of a resume. What should go on and not go on a resume. How to properly interview for a job. Once you get a job, what makes a good employee. How to show and prove your value to your employer.
We give instructional tools to help individuals become more financially knowledgeable. This includes everything from knowing what your credit score means, balancing a check book, interest payments to name a few.
We identify triggers that have happened in a persons past all the way back to childhood. Then we help the individual see what negative characteristic they picked up because of that trigger. Then we can help remove the negative characteristic or habit that holds them back from having a healthy, full and happy life.

Together We Can Build Stronger Families and Stronger communities


15-17 Year Olds

in America do not live in intact families.



live in a single parent household.


of Adults

will experience some form of mental health in their lifetime.


Young People

have been positively impacted through our programs.

Close to


of Families

benefit from some form of counseling, therapy or strengthening programs.

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