Our History

Building A Stronger Family was born out of a tragic suicide within my family in 2015. By facing the circumstances that led up to our granddaughter committing suicide at the age of 15. We realized that she was facing real and traumatic times in her life that we were not aware of.

Having both parents in the house, great student and in the school choir. There was still pain and anguish that we did not see. This tragic event also shed light on the dynamics of our family and how much under the surface we did not know.  

By having real and transparent conversations with ourselves has helped my family heal and become stronger together. It unfortunately took a tragedy to shed a light on not only the dynamics of the individuals in our own family. But also realizing that the same hurt, trauma and unresolved issues that negatively impacted my family. Are the same issues that are preventing countless families from dealing with, healing from and most importantly becoming healthier, happier, and stronger.

I have made it my mission to help individuals, youth and every family we come in contact with. Become a vibrant and healthy part of the community. By strengthening our families, we strengthen our community. I feel that Building A Stronger Family has all the tools resources dedicated and trained staff needed to accomplish this mission.

Jonathon Wattley