Bright Futures Highlights Coren Paige

Coren Paige is a Fort Wayne native and is currently enrolled at Purdue Fort Wayne studying art and design as well as communication. Her ambition after graduating is to be a public speaking teacher to assist in youth advocating efforts for the issues that concern them the most. Having always been creative she found herself having a love for art and design. She is currently a Youth Development Professionals (YDP) at the Fairfield Boys and Girls Club where she is an art teacher.

Coren was not shy of being able to communicate as she considered herself a “social butterfly.” She noticed that youth today struggled with having a view or stance on the topic and being able to proactively convey that stance in conversation. Communication is at the root of it all and she desires to assist in solving issues for the lack of confidence in speech, knowing that this issue plagues one’s ability to communicate ideas or even something as simple as finding a job.

She began Shadow for Success at 15 and finished during her Freshman Year in Highschool. During her tenure as a part of Shadow for Success, she had the opportunity to shadow the guidance counselor at Memorial Park Middle School as her interest then aligned with being with that career path. Coren thoroughly enjoyed the experience and now as an alumnus, she gives praise for the resources and conversations Shadow for Success presented. One of her favorite topics was “Different Forms of Depression” where students and adults had the opportunity to engage in a safe space conversation bridging the gap of how emotions and feelings are something to acknowledge in individuals, both young and old. Corine believes the conversations that were held during this time propelled her through some of her personal obstacles, giving her the confidence to reflect and overcome. Ms. Paige also found the resources of resume writing and interview mock sessions to be very beneficial for future life endeavors.

“It felt like there wasn’t any authority figure over anyone, I see you more as a person rather than just a YDP. I am not looking at just from a professional aspect anymore but rather a person I can open up to. That was one of the most important things that allowed us to connect with individuals separate from a professional aspect but rather as an individual.”

~Coren Paige’s Remarks on Joint Sessions with Adults

As an alumna, she remains in a great relationship with Jonathon Wattley. When asked, who would you say Shadow for Success is for? She replied, “Shadow for Success is meant for any youth as well as adult who needs guidance.”

“This is an important program, it is really important for the community and very important to the kids that it serves.”

~Coren Paige