“Purpose and Passion” of Stronger Families Organization with Founder Jonathon Wattley

What is Building A Stronger Family?

Building a stronger family is a non-profit organization dedicated to the emotional and mental well-being of all people. More than ever during the pandemic we have seen an increase in alcohol and drug usage, trauma generated by covid, anxiety and so much more. All of these require evaluation, for all age ranges. How do we help? How can we be a part of the solution and not the problem? We provide parenting classes that allow for the evaluation of communication with your child. We provide direction for what may seem like a failing union through our marriage counseling. We provide mentorship for children through our Shadow for Success Program. We attentively listen to your story to allow you to begin the process of healing. Our approach is to pay attention to your story’s transgression instead of just a moment in time. In turn, we believe that this can produce better work environments, school systems will have more emotionally aware youth that has knowledge of self and ambitions with goals to align. To put it simply, as the world begins to open back up we asked the following: what does a family need to heal and recover, and as a whole how can they be the best version of themselves.

What propelled you to create Building A Stronger Family?

It always starts at home, either you overcome or succumb to the problems in your life. I realized when a relatively close young individual committed suicide. From the outside, she looked whole; proactive in school and steadily smiling. It wasn’t until she passed that her family found out what was wrong, but it was too late. Only 15. I began to think, why didn’t she go to anyone. Then I realized young people do not go to people that can’t relate to them. While creating a Building A Stronger Family I realized too many people have these problems that exist and are not feeling understood by individuals that do not truly take the time to “hear” them. With the resources that Building A Stronger Family has, we can help an array of age groups with their issues. We not only solve the problem for today but we give you resources to combat future battles in life. From a Families Stand Point we have a program called Reactive Lifestyle in which I tested to make sure it worked by going through this program. Having to deal with my own personal trauma, I had to acknowledge my triggers. Through this program, we look at different stages and we are looking for certain aspects to give perspective. To look at the cause of how you got to where you are today. Everyone tries to shut out trauma but that door always finds a way to creep open. A reactive lifestyle recognizes that “your past will handcuff your future and cripple your present” and it is our goal to help take those handcuffs off.

Who is Building A Stronger Family For?

Every individual aiming to become the best version of themselves. Pre-Covid we evaluated what is now a program within Building A Stronger Family rather than its once stand-alone organization, Shadow For Success. This program only addressed the concerns of teenagers within our community. Essentially, one room inside of a home; but we recognized the entire home has issues that needed to be addressed. What Covid did for us was to begin to innovate programming for all ages inside the house. Our goal was to assure that there was a solution to any leak inside a home that needed to be fixed.

Steps Building A Stronger Family has taken to help the Community?

We are now 1 of 15 organizations through Connect Allen County that aims to help the community of Fort Wayne Indiana, not including our relationship with Boys and Girls Club Fort Wayne and Steel Dynamics. We are unselfish in the aid we want to provide through partnerships to be able to give direction in other aspects of your life that may need assistance. We prescribe to help the community that we reside in. Our Drive is Purpose and Passion. Building A Stronger Family’s fulfillment comes from families becoming healed, communities becoming healed; seeing the progression of someone’s life become whole after investing the time and energy to assure they do is priceless.





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