We offer very direct and transparent programs such as Shadow For Success for young people. We help give them a voice that is heard. We meet them where they are currently in their hurt, distrust and hopelessness. We join them in their struggles of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bullying
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Drug and Alcohol addiction
  • Low self esteem
  • Coping
  • expression
  • Life skills

After we have rebuilt and established a foundation of hope/trust and the possibilities they can have a future of their desire/ Then we give them tools and resources to help navigate and execute their desire:

  • Resume writing
  • Job preparedness
  • How to Interview
  • Job shadowing
  • College preparedness
  • Financial Literacy

Stronger Parent = Stronger Families

These workshops are designed to focus on the family dynamic such as:

  • Communication- Between parents and children, between spouses and between siblings.
  • Household order and role definition
  • Signs and symptoms of an unhealthy home environment

Reactive Lifestyle

This dynamic and powerful program is designed for all our adult clients. It takes them back to their childhood and we identify what we call triggers, there are 5.

  1. Rejection
  2. Physical abuse
  3. Verbal abuse
  4. Molestation
  5. Incest

Most individuals we have found have experienced one of these triggers in their life. We then help them to see the negative baggage that has gotten attached to them because of this trigger. The baggage causes different habits, traits and reactions at different stages of their life. Adolescent, teenage, young adult and adults. This baggage includes everything from promiscuity, drug addiction, withdrawal, suicide ideation, self harm, lack of coping skills, fear of intimacy, fear of getting close to people, inability to show proper love. These are just some of the residue effects caused by triggers.