Maintaining Your Self Care: 6 Tips to Manage Mental Health


As a fully licensed psychotherapist, I have seen an increase in depression, anxiety, trauma, etc. especially as we continue to cope with Covid and/or Covid responses and life in general. This column will help provide some key information and skills related to keeping our mental health intact. Because mental health IS health, and YOU deserve to be and stay healthy 😊 !

6 Tips to ward off the effects of stress:

Find your tribe: We as human beings were created as social creatures and the world can be so tough, that it helps to have healthy loving supporting people in your circle. Individuals who promote you to be a better you rather than drain you. These are great people to maintain contact with. (Disclaimer: Covid may have made this difficult, but there are multiple ways to connect. Social media. Scavenger hunts via zoom. Anything to stay connected even if virtually)

Take care of your physical health: I get a ton of referrals from medical doctors referring their patients to me for mental health because mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression can create/ contribute to health issues such as High blood pressure, heart disease, weight gain, etc. Mental health IS health and vice versa. Exercising, drinking water, and trying to get enough sleep can actually lessen your chances of depression, anxiety, and other disorders.

Stay mentally stimulated: whether it’s reading, or asking Alexa or google about the fact of the day, it is important to keep your brain challenged and stimulated. Keep learning (even by reading this article)
Express yourself!!! We as human beings although social creatures are very individualistic and within all of us lies special ways, we express our individuality to the world. This can be done through: art, drawing, writing, getting your hair did, keeping up with your wardrobe, cooking, grilling, baking, playing music, singing, dancing, etc. (Disclaimer: you don’t even have to be “good” a thing to do a thing”

Don’t push down your emotions, experience/express them instead: Emotions can feel yucky!! Especially anger, sadness, disgust, shame, guilt, and jealousy: however, your emotions are like your check engine lights in your car. Listening to them is helpful as they give us insight into what we need. (DON’T WORRY, if this is a tough one to attempt currently!! We’ll talk about this more in upcoming articles 😊 )


KEEP YOUR PEACE: Peace can be found in many ways. It can be found in your role as a homeowner, home provider, parent, etc. It can be found in your position at work/your career. It can be found on your lawn or your house. It can be found with your loved ones. Whatever your peace, continue to maintain it.


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