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What Is The Price Of Mental Health?

Now that this topic has seized we desired to make sense of the situation “Through A Stronger Lens.” Over the past couple of weeks, there has been extensive coverage over the 7x Champion, Naomi Osaka. This coverage only further presented her point of not wanting to do interviews based on a concept that appears to…
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Bright Futures Highlights Coren Paige

Coren Paige is a Fort Wayne native and is currently enrolled at Purdue Fort Wayne studying art and design as well as communication. Her ambition after graduating is to be a public speaking teacher to assist in youth advocating efforts for the issues that concern them the most. Having always been creative she found herself…
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“Purpose and Passion” of Stronger Families Organization with Founder Jonathon Wattley

What is Building A Stronger Family? Building a stronger family is a non-profit organization dedicated to the emotional and mental well-being of all people. More than ever during the pandemic we have seen an increase in alcohol and drug usage, trauma generated by covid, anxiety and so much more. All of these require evaluation, for…
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