What Is The Price Of Mental Health?

Now that this topic has seized we desired to make sense of the situation “Through A Stronger Lens.”

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been extensive coverage over the 7x Champion, Naomi Osaka. This coverage only further presented her point of not wanting to do interviews based on a concept that appears to not be embraced by “sports contracts” called mental health. Here is a brief synopsis of what has been happening; Naomi Osaka refused to do any interviews with the premise of mental health citing that she does have “anxiety” from the ongoing pressure around the questions she has to answer and her ongoing fear of saying the wrong things. All rational fears as the work of being in the spotlight often leave people vulnerable to scrutiny by the general public. In which case still arose simply because she wanted to take care of her mental health. The French Open organizers decided to go as far as to fine her 15,000 dollars for every interview she missed. Through A Stronger Lens, we ask you as the reader, a person with feelings and emotions, an individual that understands the feeling of what is referred to as a “Catch 22.” What is the price of Mental Health?

Through Building A Stronger Family we aim to lay the foundation for more self-aware people. In return, the world will receive future leaders, friends, and or communities that are aware of feelings because of their understanding of their own and why emotions hold such value to each unique experience in this world. Self-awareness paves the way for empathy for others that are going through similar kinds of emotions. We often ridicule people from a removed state when it comes to issues that we once ourselves faced and “feel” we overcame. A removed state is a reference for dismissing our past and scrutinizing someone for their presence even though it aligns with an experience we went through. Creating this narrative that others should be able to overcome their obstacle because “I did” while also criticizing them for how they handle their version of that similar situation. As mentioned previously, we all have been in situations that we have not wanted to do something that was required of us. Though you may read this and say, “but I still did it because it was my job,”  think for a second should your mental health come as an expense in being able to take care of yourself?


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